Come fly one of the best multi-engine trainers Piper ever created in a PA-23 Piper Geronimo Apache. It is a 4-seat, fully IFR equipped an excellent multi engine trainer and cross country machine.

Why a Piper Geronimo Apache is Perfect for Multi-Engine Training and Renting
• Affordable! Compare our rates to anyone around. Make sure and ask them about their fuel surcharges and hidden fees. Twin Oaks does not have any of them.  We guarantee this is the best deal there is in Multi-Engine training.

You can do any add on in this airplane including a private pilot multi-engine add-on, a commercial pilot multi-engine add-on, or adding on your instrument privileges for multi-engine airplanes. You can also get your initial commercial pilot's certificate in the Apache and even the Multi-Engine Airline Transport Pilot's certificate.

Aircraft Rental Rate is $255 per hour based on hobbs meter time. This includes fuel and there are no hidden fuel surcharge fees.

Instruction rate is $50 per hour.

If you are interested in multi-engine instruction, call 503-451-3480 today!