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Multi-Engine Training






















Come fly one of the best multi-engine trainers Piper ever created in the PA-23 Piper Geronimo Apache. It is a 4-seat, fully IFR equipped, excellent multi-engine trainer and cross-country machine.

   Why a Piper Geronimo Apache is Perfect for Multi-Engine Training and Renting:

   •.     Affordable! Compare our rates to anyone around. Make sure and ask them about their fuel surcharges and hidden fees. Twin Oaks does not have any of them.  

  •    We guarantee this is the best deal there is in Multi-Engine training.

You can do any add-on in this airplane including a private pilot multi-engine add-on, a commercial pilot multi-engine add-on, or adding on your instrument privileges for multi-engine airplanes. You can also get your initial commercial pilot certificate in the Apache and even the Multi-Engine Airline Transport Pilot certificate.

  • Aircraft Rental Rate is $325 per hour based on hobbs meter time.

       This includes fuel and there are no hidden fuel surcharge fees.

   Instruction rate is $70 per hour.

   If you are interested in multi-engine instruction, call 503-451-3480 today!

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