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Flight Instructors

Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) at Twin Oaks will provide a personalized, high quality flight training experience for Sport, Private, and Commercial pilot certificates as well as Instrument and Multi-Engine ratings, plus all of the Flight Instructor Certificates and ratings (CFI, CFI-I, MEI).  We also periodically teach in-person ground school classes for Sport/Private, Instrument and Multi-Engine.

Andrew Lauman

I have always had a passion for flying. The freedom of flight is also a great draw for me. Flying is a unique perspective. My love of going fast and adventure go hand in hand with flying airplanes. 

I can instruct private pilot students in Cessna 172s.

A few of my other passions are mountain climbing, archery and weightlifting.


"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward. For there you have been, and there you will always long to return." ----Leonardo da Vinci

Caden pang

Caden Pang

When I was a kid, I loved playing aviation video games but I never really considered being a pilot until after I graduated high school. After taking a discovery flight with a friend from middle school and former Twin Oaks instructor, I knew then that I wanted to be a career pilot. Having done nearly all my training here, I can say that Twin Oaks is the place to learn how to be the best p ilot you can be.

I want prospective students to know that I dedicate all of my time to flight instructing and to their progression on becoming a well-rounded pilot. I want you to be all that you can be.

When I am not flying, I am trying new hobbies like skiing and getting back into old hobbies like SCUBA diving and racquetball.

I look forward to seeing you at Twin Oaks!

Derek Galligan (on the left) 

There is no better way to enjoy the Pacific Northwest than from the air. From a breakfast trip to Sisters to a weekend camping in the San Juans, the freedom to move about our beautiful corner of the world by air is an incredible privilege. Learning to fly is an adventure like no other. My approach to your training is one of patience, support, and fun to adapt your learning style to the demands of aviation. Whether you're brand new to flying or looking for advanced instruction (or perhaps jumping back into aviation after some time off), it'd be my privilege to work with you.
I'm available to provide private (beginner), commercial, and instrument instruction.

Eldon Fitzgerald

Eldon Fitzgerald 

My love of flight was inspired at a very young age by tales of my uncles' experiences as aviators in WWII. I became a member of Civil Air Patrol in my youth which connected me to my first instructors and my first solo flight as a teen. Now as an instructor myself, one of the benefits of my job is meeting people of all backgrounds and experience. It has been particularly rewarding to fly with the son and granddaughter of one of my first instructors and to instruct my own kids. Whether you are starting on the path to an aviation career or finally fulfilling a life-long dream, I tailor instruction to your learning style and goals; you set the pace.  I can provide private pilot and commercial pilot instruction, instrument ground instruction, flight reviews and tail-wheel endorsements. I believe flight training should be informative and fun. When not flying, I enjoy riding or working on vintage motorcycles.

Elena Bushuev.jpg

Elena Bushuev 

I come from an aviation related family and started traveling at a young age. Visiting new places and meeting new people was always fun to me.
My personal aviation journey began with getting a job as a flight attendant and I truly fell in love with the lifestyle. I honestly never thought of being a pilot. Being originally from Russia I never imagined a woman could do it, but watching pilots at my job and meeting women who fly sparked that interest in me. At some point I couldn’t wait to try flying myself and thought if I won’t do it now, I will regret it for the rest of my life. That’s how I started flying and I enjoy every moment of it now!
I love to share my love of flight and see people reaching their goals. Everyone’s journey is different, not easy at times, but as long as you don’t give up - nothing is impossible!

Logan Tiffee.jpg

Logan Tiffee 

Like many others, I’ve been fascinated with aircraft from an early age. After finishing high school and not quite sure what life had in store, I went up on a discovery flight and was hooked. Aviation has allowed me the opportunity to meet and work with a dynamic group of people who are truly passionate about what we do. Whether you want to take your family on weekend trips to see the coast or become an airline pilot to see the world, there’s a place for you in aviation. I teach ground, sport, private, instrument, and commercial students.

Loren Skowlund

Loren Skowlund

From a very early age I caught a case of the aviation bug. Although I never had the privilege of being introduced to aviation through family or friends, I can still remember the excitement of going to PDX as a kid and being in awe as I watched airliners takeoff and land. While I always thought being a pilot was out of the question, I discovered PCC’s Aviation Science program in 2019, and enrolled. Soon after, I heard about Twin Oaks from a fellow classmate and former Twin Oaks instructor. I began taking flight lessons in the Spring of 2020, and the rest is history.


The thing I love most about instructing is the opportunity it gives me to share my passion for aviation with others. There’s nothing quite like sending someone off on their first solo, or seeing the smile on someone’s face once they earn their certificate after countless hours of hard work. I teach ground, private, sport, and commercial, and look forward to seeing you in the cockpit!

Phil Mandel.png

Philip Mandel 

Philip once thought flying was for the rich, famous, and crazies. Then he met a private pilot and aircraft owner, just a “regular guy,” which caused Philip to think, “Hey, maybe I can do this too, even though I’m not rich, famous, or crazy!” The following day (literally), Philip stopped by his local airport (Boston area) where he signed up for flight lessons, earning his private pilot certificate back in 1981. Today, as a flight instructor, Philip does ground and flight training for primary students, instrument students, commercial pilot applicants, flight instructor candidates, and more: Aircraft checkouts, insurance requirements, transition training, high performance aircraft, complex aircraft, flight reviews, instrument proficiency checks, tailwheel training, Pilot Proficiency WINGS activities, even aircraft ferrying. In his spare time, you will find Philip on a long distance bicycle ride, playing a piano recital, or relaxing at home with his sweet cats Echo and Emo

Ron Magnus.jpg

Ron Magnus 

Airplanes fascinated me from a very young age, I always enjoyed watching the  three bladed propellers of the early airliners rotate as the engines started at the original Portland Airport which means I'm a "Native" as I was born and raised in Portland.  Aside from flying (there's other activities?) I like to repair things, ride and formerly race bicycles, work with Ham radio and watch my family grow.

As for flight instruction, I work with individuals who wish to pursue Private and Commercial Pilot certificates as well as Instrument and Multi Engine ratings.  Having a background in customer service has allowed me to taylor my approach to student's personalities for the greatest transfer of knowledge.

Ruben Duma

Ruben Duma

From singing airplane rhymes and watching the birds fly, to reading about the principles of flight, I was passionate about airplanes since I can remember.

As a flight instructor my objective is not only to provide instruction, but also to make it enjoyable, and truly help you achieve your aviation goals in a cost-effective and timely manner. When I’m not flying I’m closely surrounded by my lovely wife and daughter, our fluffy cat and our enthusiastic German shepherd. 

Sam Tarrel.jpg

Sam Tarrel 

Coming from two parents who met while skydiving; and with a dad who has degrees in aeronautical engineering and has been a flight instructor for over 40 years, aviation has been a central part of Sam’s life since he was a child. He started receiving flight instruction from his dad at age 14, and got more serious about pursuing flying at age 16. At age 17 he completed his first solo and was in the final stages of his private pilot training when “life happened” and aviation got put on the back burner. 

Fast-forward 16 years to 2019 and Sam decided it was time to get back in the cockpit and pursue his passion for teaching aviation as a flight instructor. Sam has always been a passionate educator from percussion - to cooking - to photography, Sam has always enjoyed sharing his knowledge and experiences with the goal of enriching other peoples’ journeys. 

When not flying, Sam is an active commercial and portrait photographer with his company, Light Science Studios, LLC. He has the best, most supportive wife along with the best, most neurotic two dogs at home.

Sheri Brownlie.JPG

Sheri Brownlie 

I learned to fly when my kids started taking lessons and loved the adventure and freedom that flying offered and knew I wanted to become a flight instructor. It wasn’t easy, balancing family and work with learning to fly but I’m tenacious. That tenacity paid off when my job as an elementary school teacher and instructional coach turned into a job teaching aviation to high school students. During the school year, I introduce high school students to the wide range of aviation career opportunities and teach ground school. After school and during the summer, I’m at Twin Oaks and available for sport, private and commercial instruction as well as flight reviews.

Chase your dreams of flight and experience the adventure and freedom of being a pilot!

Not Pictured:

Armando Colon, Brian Musson, Brandon Prince, Erin Cram, Jason Combiths, Jeff Whited, Kelly Wiprud, Tyler Carr, Tyler Johnson.

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