Twin Oaks Airpark (7S3) is a Privately Owned airport that is open to the public


Twin Oaks provides: Hangar Rental, Aircraft Maintenance, Flight Training, Aircraft Rental and Aviation Fuel.


We are located 7 nautical miles south of the Hillsboro Airport.

Twin Oaks has 1 runway 2500ft X 48ft that is lit via pilot controlled lighting.




Traffic Pattern / Noise Abatement

Being a good neighbor is important at Twin Oaks Airpark.

Below is a graphical description of our traffic patterns for takeoff and landing on runway 2 and 20.

Touch and Goes are strongly discouraged. If you cannot land in the first 1/3 of the runway, go around.

As always safety of flight should take precedence.

Twin Oaks uses a 1,200ft MSL (1,000ft Above Ground Level), Left traffic pattern for both runways.


Please do not fly "straight in" landings to either runway at Twin Oaks (enter the pattern at 1,200ft MSL per one of the three methods on the diagram below).  Depart on the left 45 (between the noise abatement areas) or on the upwind or crosswind.

Wind Calm: Takeoff runway 20 and land on runway 02

Southerly Wind: Takeoff runway 20 land runway 20
Northerly Wind: Takeoff runway 02 land runway 02

Twin Oaks Noise Abatement 01.jpeg

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