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Twin Oaks has a large and varied fleet available for rent. All of our aircraft and equipment are carefully maintained to ensure safety and reliability. All aircraft are rented on an hourly basis, and is metered by the amount of time the engine is running. This is determined by the Hobbs meter in the aircraft. We have no membership dues or fuel surcharge fees, and all of our rates are “wet rates” meaning that fuel is included in the rental price. You are welcome to take our aircraft on long cross-country flights and multi-day trips.

For a printable rate sheet of our fleet: Click Here

Consolidated Speeds, Configurations, W&B data for our fleet (reference ONLY): Click Here

Before renting our aircraft solo please fill out and sign a copy of our Renter's Agreement.  There is a link below or we have copies in the office for you to use.


Purchase Renters Insurance Online thru Regal Aviation (link above)
C150 - $30,000 Insured Value

C172 - $60,000 Insured Value

Van's RV-12iST - $60,000 Insured Value

Apache - $75,000 Insured Value

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